Aktuelle Studien

Analysing the Effect of Empagliflozin on Reduction of Tissue Sodium Content in Patients With Chronic Heart Failure (ELSI) NCT03128528

Accuracy of 1.5 T Versus 3 T Magnetic Resonance Arterial Spin Labeling to Measure Renal Blood Flow NCT02746549

Randomized, double-blind, placebo controlled, parallel-group, prospective clinical study to analyse the effect of evolocumab on vascular function NCT03626831

Sham Controlled Study of Renal Denervation for Subjects With Uncontrolled Hypertension  NCT02029885

Renal Denervation in Treatment Resistant Hypertension  NCT01687725

Renal Nerve Ablation in Chronic Kidney Disease Patients  NCT01442883


Abgeschlossene Studien

Effects of Empagliflozin + Linagliptin vs Metformin + Insulin Glargine on Renal and Vascular Changes in Type 2 Diabetes (ELMI) NCT02752113

The Influence of Aircraft Noise Exposure on Renal Hemodynamic in Healthy Individuals (LÄRM) NCT02783456

Effects of the NO-synthase Inhibitor VAS203 on Renal Function in Healthy Volunteers NCT02992236

Effect of Dapagliflozin on Microvascular and Macrovascular Circulation and Total Body Sodium Content  NCT02383238

Effects of Linagliptin on Renal Endothelium Function in Patients With Type 2 Diabetes  NCT01835678

A Study to Evaluate the Effect of LCZ696 on Aortic Stiffness in Subjects With Hypertension  NCT01870739

Study of the Safety and Efficacy of LCZ696 on Arterial Stiffness in Elderly Patients With Hypertension  NCT01692301

Aliskiren on Retinal Vasculature Treatment Study  NCT01318395

Effects of Saxagliptin on Endothelial Function (ESENDI)  NCT01319357

Renal Denervation in Patients With Uncontrolled Hypertension (Symplicity HTN-2)  NCT00888433